Brain Supplement Effects and Benefits

If you’re looking to improve your motivation and concentration, then brain supplements can be a good choice. There’s a category of drug/supplement called nootropics, and that’s exactly what they do. Nootropics are used to improve brain function – boosting a person’s mood and helping them to have more energy, think more clearly, have better recall, […]

A Basic Rundown Of The Most Effective Brain Foods

You know how people are always spouting that old phrase the goes “you are what you eat”? Well as it turns out, it’s actually based in reality! Your food does a whole lot more than helping put pounds on. Every single thing you place in your body has an impact on your health in a […]

What Are Smart Drugs?

After the movie Limitless was released, people began to imagine that there could be a drug that could potentially make them smarter. Why? In the movie, a smart drug called NZT-48 was introduced. This drug was described as being the answer to increasing human intelligence beyond its current limits. Even though it does sound like […]

A Warm Welcome

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