An Honest Review Of Alpha Brain

In the emerging field of nootropics, what was once a field full of amateurs experimenting with different substances trying to boost their own brains is fast becoming a serious new field of nutritional science. Where once nutritional science was focused solely on things like muscles and stamina, now the new century has brought with it an increasing interest on the part of nutritional scientists in improving the human mind rather than simply building more muscles.

For those who’s personal and professional lives rely on their brains, nootropics offer a great of potential, yet in many cases also a great deal of risk. Most of the field of nootropics remains a realm of amateurs mixing and matching different nutritional supplements and seeing how they work, and with the newness of the field in general, the fact is that long-term effects remain more or less unknown to researchers and amateurs alike.

For those willing to the take the risk, new supplements are emerging quarterly if not monthly. These supplements can be hard to find, being mostly an online phenomenon available almost solely on digital marketplaces. While some brick and mortar stores stock these nootropics, most such outlets remain focused on traditional physical enhancement supplements. With different substances and different formulas combining and remixing those substances, it can be hard for anyone with even a casual interest in nootropics to really make a good decision about which supplements will serve their specific needs best.

Alpha Lipoic Acid, What Is It?

One new substance to make a splash in the world of nootropics is alpha lipoic acid. Though nootropics experts have long known alpha lipoic acid to be a useful substance, it has only recently come onto the open nootropics market. Alpha lipoic acid is used for a number of mental tasks, each of which can be important for those who need their brains to work at maximum efficiency. This substance has been shown to improve memory retention, particularly in regards to memorizing names and places, which is essential for those who are always on the go or those who live and die by their ability to network with others.

Other elements of alpha lipoic acid tend to improve the brain’s ability to focus on complex tasks, whether it’s programming computers, painting digitally, studying large amounts of complex material or building and repairing technological devices. For many people in the technology field, this ability to focus on complex tasks is essential to get by on a day to day basis and nearly anyone in the technology field will find that these chemicals can make a world of difference in one’s career in this field.

Finally, alpha lipoic acid has been shown to improve one’s mental speed in response to stimuli. Though some people living less frantic lives may not need the extra response time, most people who live lives where every second has to count, whether they’re driving, working in a hectic environment, bodyguarding a client or simply playing video games when they’re not on the go, find that this ability to hasten response times is invaluable for their daily lives.

Alpha BRAIN and How It Works

A new product focused on alpha lipoic acids has recently hit the market. New from Onnit nutritional labs is a supplement known as Alpha BRAIN. Using alpha lipoic acid, Alpha BRAIN has been clinically shown to improve a number of mental functions swiftly and easily.

Indeed, not one but two double-blind tests performed at the clinic of the Boston Center for Memory unquestionably proved that Alpha BRAIN provides results for improving a user’s memory, as well as enhancing their brainwave patterns in addition to highly improving their ability to focus. Even when stacked against a placebo, Alpha BRAIN got results. While this drug is not intended as a way to treat Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder, those without ADHD will find that it can be useful for improving their undamaged ability to memorize information and focus on tasks.

Alpha BRAIN uses a wide range of ingredients laced not only with alpha lipoic acid but a number of other ingredients that also improve the brain’s function. Constructed solely of nutrients found in nature, Alpha BRAIN uses a number of natural substances in its make up. Huperzia Serrata, oat straw, Cat’s Claw and bacopa are all used in Alpha BRAIN to varying degrees.

Does Alpha Brain Actually Work?

Now that you know all the information, there’s one simple question that must be answered. Does this product work, or is it yet another supplement that makes amazing claims and falls short every time?

The answer is that yes, of course, it works! Or it doesn’t work at all. Or maybe it works and maybe it doesn’t work.

While this may seem like a confusing answer, it’s the only honest answer out there. The simple fact is that not every person will respond the exact same way to any chemical substance. Whereas one person may see incredible increases in their cognitive abilities, other people will find absolutely no change.

That said, most people will find at least some amount of benefit from Alpha BRAIN. This is because the science behind this product is sound. As mentioned, the Boston University performed scientific tests on the product. Their findings showed a statistically significant increase in certain cognitive functions.

Specifically, there was a 12% increase in verbal recall improvement. This means people were found to remember conversations much more easily. They also gave participants in the study a test for executive functions and found that 21% of patients found a marked increase in their executive abilities. Executive functions are things such as the ability to pay attention, the ability to recall information, the ability to filter one’s own thoughts, multitask, and other similar activities.

The best part is that the study found Alpha BRAIN to be as safe as the placebos used for the tests. Most supplements and drugs have side effects if they do anything at all. The fact that Alpha BRAIN is no more dangerous than a placebo means it’s easy to try. You won’t suffer any undue medical issues by trying the supplement in order to see what happens.


Alpha BRAIN is a bit costly, there’s no denying that fact. However, a 12% increase in verbal memory recall combined with a 21% increase in the ability to use those memories in order to build experiences and figure out how to act in the current situation is simply amazing. No other nootropic can boast such success.

So if you’ve been curious, it’s worth it to give Alpha BRAIN a try. It may not work for you, but it also may. And if it does work for you, then you’ll quickly find yourself functioning far more successful in life.