Brain Supplement Effects and Benefits

If you’re looking to improve your motivation and concentration, then brain supplements can be a good choice. There’s a category of drug/supplement called nootropics, and that’s exactly what they do.

Nootropics are used to improve brain function – boosting a person’s mood and helping them to have more energy, think more clearly, have better recall, and have sharper focus in general.

If you’re new to the world of brain supplements, then you might not be sure which are worth taking. In general, it’s fair to say that a lot of brain supplements are scams – the same as with any other supplement product. Herbal remedies can be marketed for a lot of things, but if they’re not concentrated enough then the effects won’t be noticeable. In addition, even legitimate herbal remedies won’t do you much good if they’re delivered in the wrong way. Some remedies aren’t particularly bio-available when taken orally, but work great as a tincture if you let them be absorbed sublingually. Some are fine to eat or drink, but if you take them with the wrong thing, you could find that the two remedies interact with each other. This is true with creatine – a strength enhancing supplement that won’t work very well at all when taken with citrus juice because the juice breaks down the creatine.

With brain supplements, you would usually end up taking a stack including something similar to modafinil, then caffeine for the energy and focus, and amino acids for the improvements that they can offer in brain function. Sometimes, people add healthy fats to the stack, for the hormone-regulating effects that they can give.

The effect of brain supplements is usually modest, but it can be noticeable. They are a good study aid and they are valuable for people who have long and complex assignments to do, and for people who need to be sharp-witted.

Every person responds differently to brain supplement stacks. The effects of something like modafinil could differ from ‘laser focus’ to ‘obsession on the wrong thing’ depending on the person taking it. Some people find caffeine helps them get ‘in the zone’ some find that it makes them jittery and nervous. Another reputable stack currently is Qualia by Neurohacker Collective; read the full review here: These are some herbal remedies that can help to offset that effect.

If you’re looking to try brain supplements, start with mild doses and a simple stack and add or remove things one at a time until you figure out what works for you. Be careful with massive doses, even of something innocuous like caffeine, because they can have side-effects, and you wouldn’t want to have adverse effects when working on something important.

If you have an exam or a competition coming up and want ‘an edge’ don’t jump straight onto supplements – at least not ones that you have never used before. It’s better to be comfortable and familiar going into something important like that – if you try a supplement for the first time on a day when you have to perform well then you run the risk of feeling ill, hitting the ‘downer’ or otherwise not performing to your best at a time when it actually matters. You’d be better off keeping things simple, and testing your stack on a day when things don’t matter. Once you know what you get on well with, then you can start looking at adding things to your performance regime – but again, try not to become too dependent on supplements to perform. Use them to get the edge when you need it, and to enhance your already awesome and clear mind.

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